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Like peas and carrots, hops and malts, Sam and Frodo, Hobbes and Shaw — Beer and movies just go together. Beer-Flicks covers all types of beer styles and all movie genres (with the occasional foray into TV and, gasp!, other drinks!), because this website is meant to be enjoyed by all.*

Legally Blonde and a Lager? A Barrel-Aged Barleywine for The Hobbit? The wildest Wild Ale you can find for Being John Malkovich? Beer-Flicks strives to cover it all here and more. If you have a beer or movie you’d like to see paired up, have some industry news tips you’d like to share, or simply want to say “Hey”, please visit the contact page to send a message.

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*The beer pairings are for everyone of legal drinking age, of course. If you’re underage in your country, please enjoy the movie and pop culture talk only. The Beer-Flicks team is here for fun, not trouble.