The Movie: SciFi Post-Apocalyptic Action Drama – On a Train! / 2013 / Opus Pictures – CJ Entertainmnet

The Beer: Double Oatmeal Stout / 12.3% ABV / Copper Kettle Brewing Co. – Denver, Co.

It’s snowing pretty hard right now here in Seattle. Since such weather events are on the rare side and they generally mean everything shuts down (people like to claim there are only two snowplows for the entire city), I’m staying indoors and throwing on a wintery flick to really get into the spirit of things. Frozen and Fargo can wait though. Today, I’m craving more doom and gloom – I’m watching Snowpiercer.

For those who haven’t seen this bizarre-but-cool flick yet, it’s best to go into director Bong Joon-Ho’s movies without any preconceived notions and not having any idea what to expect (Parasite had me gasping aloud repeatedly on a plane). Because I really believe in this, I won’t even go into that much detail here. But, I will say that it’s thoroughly entertaining, it’s weird, and you don’t really know where it’s going even at the end. It’s also just fun watching Tilda Swinton play a baddie again, not to mention Chris Evans getting to be all gritty and so very not Captain America.

Honestly, at this point I’ll watch Tilda Swinton in anything. // Opus Pictures – CJ Entertainment

The film’s cold atmosphere seems to jump off the screen and into my living room, so it’s only fitting to pair it with a big, warming Imperial Stout. I’m thinking something extra thick and on the “chewy” side, like Snowed In-Mocha from Denver’s Copper Kettle Brewing Co.

The Snowed In series of Stouts come in a few different varieties (the maple one is a close second to the mocha, in my opinion), but hey, it’s freezing both outside and on my TV screen, so I’d like to go for the cocoa. To craft Snowed In-Mocha, the brewers added doses of coffee and baker’s chocolate, then aged it in high-grade bourbon barrels.

Would such roasty, mocha-rich decadence actually exist in the world of Snowpiercer? Only in certain cars, I’m sure (here I go wanting to spill more details – go watch it if you haven’t seen it!) Though who knows If any of them would have access to beer that crosses the 12% ABV threshold. Either way, this is the kind of brew that’ll keep me warm both during the movie and throughout whatever else the Seattle surprise winter gods can come up with.

For those wondering, no, I have not seen the Snowpiercer TV series yet. I hear Sean Bean is in Season 2 – is that a spoiler in itself? One does not simply die 25 times on screen and not build up a reputation for it.

*Bonus Brews*

  • The Train I Ride / Triple IPA / 11% ABV / Clown Shoes (offshoot of Mass Bay Brewing Co.) – Boston, MA
  • Steam Train / Porter / 5% ABV / Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co. – Snoqualmie, WA
  • El Train / IPA / 6.3% ABV / Cruz Blanca Brewery – Chicago, IL
  • Last Snow / Coffee Porter / 6.4% ABV / Funky Buddha Brewery – Oakland Park, FL

And here’s one for the N/A crowd:

  • Drink’in The Snow / Winter Ale / 0.3% ABV / Mikkeller – Denmark (but also available via Mikkeller San Diego)