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The Show: Superhero-Action-Thriller-Sitcom (yeah, it’s a weird one to categorize. Watch, and you’ll see what I mean) / 2021 / Disney+ and Marvel Studios

The Beers: Think stuff that’s red (because Scarlet Witch and Vision, duh), with surprising flavors hidden within, or anything magic themed (she’s a WITCH you guys!)

Regarding the MCU’s Scarlet Witch (who isn’t actually called ‘Scarlet Witch’ in the movies, but whatever), I once heard someone say, “I don’t get why Elizabeth Olsen plays her. Girl only gets roles because of her famous sisters.”

And at one point, I would have agreed. But now that the first few episodes of the WandaVision miniseries have dropped on Disney+, sentiments like that can go “poof” in a cloud of scarlet mutant dust. I won’t go into spoiler-filled detail because I know a lot of people who are interested but haven’t yet hit that “play” button, so I’ll just say that, yes, there’s a ton of magic superhero powers in it, and it is very, very watchable.

Breathe into my mouth, my love. One day we shall have our own streaming series! // Marvel Comics

In fact, WandaVision is so watchable and magical, that I’ve picked out some “bewitching” brews (ha. ha.) to go with the coming episodes:

Scarlet Lady Ale – Stoudts Brewing Co. – Adamstown, PA

This Extra Special Bitter Ale or “ESB” from boasts a reddish-copper hue and a 5% ABV that’s as laid back and comforting as an old timey laugh track (seriously, do any modern sitcoms still have those?) Aroma hops add a nice floral touch, like the decor in a 50s household. By the way, get in on Stoudts while you can! Renowned brewmaster Carol Stoudt retired last year, and the brewery closed. Limited amounts of her beer are still available in certain places in PA though, so I hear.

Tunnel Vision (DDH Citra) – Bearded Iris Brewing – Nashville, TN

Bearded Iris says this one is “Hypnotically double dry hopped so your focus never waivers.” I say it’s a darn good NEIPA, and what makes it really captivating is the fact that each sip seems to reveal deeper layers of Citra Hops. If you’ve been drinking IPAs for a while, you’ve most likely tasted a ton of Citra and know its usual orange, tangerine, and grapefruit flavors. But in this one, the brewers bring out surprising nuances of spiced pineapple and lemon zest. It’s like they’re concealing some superhero powers of their own. 

Softly Spoken Magic Spells – SingleCut Beersmiths – Astoria, NY

I freaking love SingleCut, though sadly, I no longer live on the East Coast (curse you, internal wanderlust!) But anyway, Softly Spoken Magic Spells is basically the creme de la creme of their Hazy IPAs. It’s juicy upfront with a strong tropical hop baseline, and it magically comes with an unnoticeable 8.6% ABV. 

Sacred Arrow – Urban Family Brewing – Seattle, WA

I’m actually sipping on this one as I write this. Urban Family is a cool Sour-specialist brewery in Ballard, Seattle’s main brewing district (which also happens to be the next neighborhood over from me, and that’s very fun). Anyhoo, Sacred Arrow is a tangy-tart, bright crimson 8% ABV Fruited Sour Ale brewed with a ton of raspberries. I’m definitely feeling the love. 

Strange Magic – Fat Head’s Brewery – Middleburg Heights, OH

I mostly chose this one for the magical name, but this really is a clean, solid American IPA with some nice pine resiny dankness on the finish. I haven’t had too much of Fat Head’s, but if the rest of their brews are as sippable as this one, I’m hitting them up the next time I’m in Ohio (I know a whole six people who live there now. Isn’t that neat?) 

Witch’s Wit – The Lost Abbey – San Marcos, CA

If you’re looking for just a refreshing, sessionable beer to binge away all the episodes of WandaVision with, look no further than Witch’s Wit from The Lost Abbey. It’s a Witbier, and you can definitely taste wheat. It’s like sipping on fresh-baked bread punctuated with soft citrus notes. Just a little grainy spice comes in on the finish, but on the whole it’s very smooth and pillowy thanks to flaked oats in the base. 

*Bonus Brews*

  • Mel’s Magic / American IPA / Iron Horse Brewery – Ellensburg, WA
  • Amber Canyon Magik / Saison / American Solera – Tulsa, OK

And since many people are still observing ‘Dry January,’ here’s an N/A beer:

  • Non-Alcoholic Stout / Gruvi Brewing – Denver, CO – The magic, of course, is that you can actually taste notes of coffee and dry nuttiness in this 0% ABV brew.