The Movie: Teen Comedy / 2004 / Lorne Michaels Productions and Paramount Pictures

The Beer: Sour Slushy / 7% ABV / Drekker Brewing Co. — Fargo, ND. 

I’ve long maintained that the two most quoted movies of 2004 are Anchorman and Mean Girls. Grounded in reality while being completely bonkers, both flicks are also responsible for shaping the absurdist, quick-fire sense of humor that millennials hold near and dear. 

But I’ve only got time for one movie today — I’m picking Mean Girls

If you’ve never seen it for some reason, stop what you’re doing and go put it on. Grab a beer first though. It may be a high school comedy (and rest assured, there is drinking in it), but you’re not a teen anymore! 

While there are a lot of Mean Girls-themed brews out there (see some of them below), a style that truly captures the essence of this movie is the Sour Ale Slushy. It’s so fetch! 

Sure, this newer style isn’t for everyone (purists tend to question if it’s even “beer” anymore).  But hey, Mean Girlshelped mark a new beginning for modern comedy. If anything, the Sour Slushy shows just how innovative the modern craft beer movement has become. 

Still, the main reason I chose the Sour Slushy style is because it dances between sour and sweet — just like the perfect blend of biting humor and heartwarming lessons that is Mean Girls. Hell, many Sour Slushies even have a bright, creamy body that’s reminiscent of actual 7-Eleven slushies you’d throw back during your teen years! 

In particular, I’m sipping Everybody Love Everybody from Drekker Brewing Co. (for the record, it’s a collab with The Brewing Projekt). This tasty brew is loaded with lemon, lime, cherry, orange, vanilla, lactose, marshmallows, and rainbow sherbet. Drekker makes a lot of tasty Sour Slushies, but whew, this one is scrumptious. 

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Just be sure to drink in moderation, lest you have a Cady Heron moment with “word vomit”. Unless your name is Glen Coco. 

Four for you, Glen Coco. You GO, Glen Coco! 

*Bonus Brews* 

  • Mean Girl Kettle Sour / Kettle Sour / Clouds Brewing – Raleigh, NC (It’s a beer… duh!)
  • Fetch Happens / Cream Ale with Hazelnut and Coffee / Funky Buddha – Oakland Park, FL
  • Lemonade Slush / Sour Ale with puréed Lemons / Wiley Roots Brewing Co. –  Greeley, CO
  • Slush / Sour Ale with Strawberry, Raspberry. Lemon and Lime / Prairie Artisan Ales – Oklahoma City, OK
  • Slushy Jungle Juice / Sour – Berliner Weisse with Passionfruit, Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi and Coconut / 450 North Brewing – Columbus, IN